First hour 150$ 
All subsequent hours are 100$ 
No retouch included 
No makeup included
No studio rent included 
No model price included

Before you come to shooting please read and learn this information. If you have not read this information it does not mean that you are not aware of it.

1. The timing of my work is starting from the moment I come in studio. If we make a deal, that I’m coming at 12, so my work timing starting at 12 even if you are not ready yet, you are late, etc. If you want to change the makeup, the time I wait is still my working time, so please notice that you should pay for it too. 
2. I charge 100% payment before the photoshoot. If we work extra hours, you should pay me in cash or you can transfer the payment with Iban, but directly after the shooting is over and not later.
3. I can give you advice about mua, model, studio, etc, but the last decision is only yours. Before you agree please check carefully about their portfolio and prices. 
4. If you decide to come with your mua, I should to talk about the makeup with him/her before the photoshoot. 
5. I prefer not to use long lasting and dry textures for the makeup. We don’t need the makeup which can stay on for 12 hours. I recommend not to use any foundation at all (especially if the model’s skin is good), or to use very light fluid. The main point is to make skin looking natural, glowing and moisturized. Also I don’t recommend to make conturing for a beauty shooting. Of course, you can do makeup how you like, but in that case I can’t promise the same quality of photos, as you can see in my portfolio.
6. I recommend to choose very carefully your model for a best result in a beauty shooting: healthy skin texture (no scar or postacne, no big pores, not many pimples or acne), facial features should be suitable for beauty photography (small nose, “open eye”, expressive cheekbones, without round cheeks, no makeup tattoo (especially brows), no lash extensions, clean nails, etc). 
7. I prefer to be prepared for the shooting, so the best way to achieve the result is to talk before the photoshoot. If you have an idea, I would like to see the mood-board, if you don’t have an idea, we can discuss about it together, also we should discuss about the lighting, what you like and what I can do. 
8. All the photos I send in the same day or next day after the photoshoot, in JPG. If you need all the RAW’s please don't forget to bring the hard drive to the shooting and I can transfer you all the raw images on the set. If you want just some of it, I can send you the raw photos you choose later.
9. Retouch service is not included, as we don’t know how many photos you would like to have in the end. Also, you can order retouch from another person or do it yourself. Just remember, that the main point is to make perfect photo on the shooting, and retouching will make it just a bit better. But we don’t change the entire image in photoshop. All the actions should be done on the set. 
10. If we make a deal about the photoshoot it means you are aware and agree with my conditions written above. 

For more information and contact me please leave your question in a form below.