Beauty retouch starts from 25$

Beauty retouch with 2 models from 35$

Beauty retouch of dark skin from 35$

Close up retouch 25-35$

Hair retouch starts from 30$ and up to the difficulty 

3/4 portrait and full body photos starts from 15$ 

Portraits 20$ 


Price including the post-process and color grading in Capture One as well. 


All the issues must be explained before the retouch to achieve the best results, very necessary to say your wishes at the beginning. If you want or don’t want some things to be removed very important to inform about it. Your request for the retouch should be detailed, it will help me to understand you more and make everything right. 


Please, notice, that the price for the beauty retouch is up to the difficulty of the makeup on it, up to the purity of the skin of a model, the presence of nails and hair in the photo and up to your request. 


Retouch of a dark skin usually is more hard because of a difference between skin textures, thats why retouch of photos like this is more expansive. 


Also, for the full body images important to have a clean background. If background on your photo is very dirty and your request is to clean it, the price for images like this will be increase. I recommend you to take care of it on the set (if it’s possible). 


At the first stage I will process the RAW image in Capture One and make color grading, cropping, etc, send you the colored image before the exact retouch. At this point we check the lightness and colors of the photo. If you prove it, we keep going with Adobe Photoshop for the retouching. Adobe Photoshop will be the final stage, so it is very important to make your decision about the colors and lighting before it. 


I work with 50% prepayment, the rest you pay after the final retouch is done. I send you law resolution photos with watermark to check the retouch. After that I get the rest of the payment, I send all retouched photos in high resolution without a watermark. 


You have 2 possibilities in retouch correction the final image (in case you would like to make a few touch ups). But to avoid it please make your wishes for retouch in the beginning.


Each next retouch correction will cost 5$ and notice that it also takes time.


Here down I show you examples of before/after and the difference of the prices for the retouching services. 


If you have a questions about pricing don't hesitate to ask me!

beauty retouch 25$

Retouch of 2 models 35$

Beauty retouch of dark skin + creative makeup (from 40$)

Close up retouch 30$

Beauty + hair retouch 35$

3/4 portrait retouch 15$

Full body retouch from 15$

Portraits 20$